Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A New Mother's Top 3 Tips To Help Get Your Baby Into A Sleeping Routine

As a first time mom you may feel overwhelmed as having a newborn changes everything. It can be very emotionally exhausting. But the sleep deprivation is what makes it physically exhausting. As a new mom you will be hoping for even one full night of sleep. It can be really draining.

Based upon a few simple things I discovered, I was able to have my son sleeping through the night as early as 6 weeks. According to most doctors babies shouldn't be sleeping all the way through the night until they are 2 weeks old, even though many moms might brag to you that their newborn was sleeping through the night the day the baby was born. Remember that they should be fed and changed regularly. So here are 3 things that you can try on your own to help get your child on a much needed regular sleeping schedule. While this may not work for all babies, it should work for most.

Try your best to keep your baby busy throughout the day. What does this mean exactly? Make sure you're constantly interacting with your baby. Play with him/her as well as talk to them. Babies crave your attention and this is the best thing a new mother can do!

Every night make sure to give your baby a warm bath before putting him down. This should cause him to get sleepy. You can choose to use baby soaps but it isn't necessary. Shortly after taking him out of the bath, start getting him ready for bed. You can sing a song to your baby or you can try playing some soft music such as a lullaby. This isn't the time for loud music or loud television, make sure to keep it quiet. During the day its OK to make noise, that way they don't get woken up by any little thing.

When your baby does wake up during the night, try to keep it as dim as possible. This will help your baby get used to the difference between night and day. This night and day cycle is critical to setting up a routine. Be careful if you choose to rock your baby to sleep as you don't want them getting dependent on it.

Remember that what works for one baby may not work for another baby. But these tips helped me get my newborn into a regular sleeping schedule that allowed me to have some of my life back.

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