Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How To Get Babies To Sleep Through The Night

Some of the questions that are pretty common amongst the newborn mothers are how well does your baby sleep, why does not my baby sleep properly, what should I do to ensure that my baby gets sufficient rest at night etc. All these questions lead to a single problem of their babies not getting sufficient sleep at night or getting mid way through it. This is a problem that can scare any mother as a baby that does not sleep well at night has very high chances of having some health issues or the other. So if you are looking for the different ways or strategies in which you can help your babies sleep through the night, the following are some of them.

It is always a good decision to let the babies fall asleep on their own rather than helping them in the same. When you find the babies to be sleepy it is better to lay them down on their back and let them sleep on their own especially during the time period of six to eight months. The reason is that if you feed them or take the help of rocking, they might get used to the same. Another technique that mothers can use is to make a difference in the feeding methods. A lively feed during the day time and a calm one at night helps the kids to differentiate between the two and thus they can get their bodies adjusted accordingly.

A short bedtime routine can also work wonders when it comes to the sleeping techniques of kids. One can plan a bath followed by change of nappy and a story or song. The same must be carried out in the room of the baby so as to enhance the effectiveness. The only thing that one must keep in mind is that the procedure must not be more than 45 minutes. Babies have a strong sense of smell and the same can be used for putting them to sleep. Mothers can use a security object such as stuffed toy or blanket to induce the sense of security amongst the kids. It the object is kept with mothers for some time then the kids would recognize the mom scent and cuddle up with the same and go to sleep. Mothers are the best judges of their kids, thus they know it better which method would be more effective on their kids.

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